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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Brings Relief, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay College{{{ I don't know what it is, but just the mention of boy and farm seems to
bring out the young'uns. Chil'en, get to bed-alone, right now. Let the
older boys, 18 or more, stay and enjoy this tale of rural romp.}}}
Here you have roommates, totally different, roommates who move in different
social circles; even have completely different college courses. The only
time they are on the same wavelength is at night. Each guy is in his own
bed, and across the room, the other one, sharing something-young men's
profound sleep.Nat Goldman, at nineteen, has reached the time of his life when he is most
handsome and most sexual. Yeah, Nat constantly thinks of sex, and usually
manages to slate his thirst. He is a true equal opportunity sexual,
seeker. Girls like his lean, dark New York looks and accent, and they are
swept away by his fast talk and quick moves. He is, no doubt, not over his
ADD, but that makes him all the more desirable.When his slim, long penis begins to send signals to his brain, Nat checks
up on his various girl contacts, if that fails, he has no compunction in
taking a trip to the free lola porn tgp third floor bathroom at the University and get his
problem quickly solved by a happy gay boi who never thought he'd be so
lucky to land this Ben Afflect look alike.Now Nat is not immune to judging great male flesh. The first time that
Beau Swenson poked his blond banged head in the door and asked, "Is this
number two?"As he got the affirmative reply, the rest of him was revealed, his smooth
pale arm muscles bulging as he totted the plastic bags containing his
clothes and stuff. Nat checked out those impossibly cornflower blue eyes
and the succulent mouth below his cute nose. Then the body, not tall, but
broad shouldered and lean of waist. Nat couldn't wait to see him naked.But......they never meshed. Beau was there taking a one year course in
agricultural chemistry. He had been sponsored by the local farm bureau.
Nat was an accounting major and planned to go on to be a CPA. "I have to,"
he explained, "I'm Jewish and the world expects it." Nat was incredulous
that Beau was so backwoods. The kid never saw, let alone use, a computer.
He wrote out his reports in tiny, perfect print. It looked like it had
been typed. One time he told Nat that he'd be busy all night, "Cause the
'fessor wants three copies of this, 'n it's five pages long.""I can copy it on my printer/copier. Just leave it with me when you finish
one copy and in the morning you'll have the others. Beau gave him a long
look so as to say, "I may be a rube, but you cain't 'spect me to believe
that. You sure you're not a slicker?"The next morning the pages were left next to Beau's loli r ygold bbs
bed. "He looked at
them with amazement. "You poor fella, you musta worked so hard, 'n you got
my writin' exactly the way I do it."Nat did not even try to explain.It was easy for Nat to rub off one at night when he was too hard up to
sleep. Easy because when Beau took off his overalls and fell into bed, it
wasn't more than a moment until he was breaking deeply and regularly, the
sleep of the innocent.Nat figured that his new habit of wanking at bedtime may have been
engendered by the quick sight of Beau, as his smooth, muscular body slipped
under the covers. Nat caught a quick look at the heavy ball sac swinging
and the thick uncut penis nestled into the hollow of his sac.Nat had been horny all day. His date the night before culminated in heavy
petting but Sally seemed unwilling to come across and it left him cranky
and cock stiff all day. By night, he couldn't wait to relieve the backup
of heavy boy cum that had accumulated. Consequently, when Beau piled into
bed, he threw his covers down and began a slow wank. He hadn't realized
noisy he was as he hummed and gasped and lifted his hips in pleasure of his
coming release.He opened his eyes to check out that his pre cum wasn't spilling over to
the bedclothes when he spied Beau staring at him with a beatific smile on
his face. He threw his muscular, smooth legs onto the floor and sat up,
naked, smiling. "Ah can see that you're hurtin' sex wise. Same thing
happens to my brother Jake. Down on the farm, we all help each other. Do
you want me to help?" "Like how?" said Nat, very interested in the offer."Well, you know I'm a 'perienced milker. I got the hands an' the moves to
get milk otta a cow, 'n milk outa a boy. Jus' ask Jake. Sometimes he
wants his milkin' too often 'n I'm too sleepy to help. I feel bad for him
those times. I think to goes and bothers Pa then."Suddenly, this gorgeous boy became more than a piece of male beauty to
admire, suddenly he became the possible source of sexual relief. Nat's
cock had deflated somewhat, but pussy photo russian lolita
he was still so horny, he almost felt like
he had the flu. "You mean you'd,'d, you know, stroke me off. If
that's what you mean, you'd be a real friendly roomie, and I'd never forget
it. I'll copy your papers anytime, I'll do almost anything to thank you."Beau chuckled in delight. "I'm sure glad you 'preciate my offer, 'n I hope
that I do good fer you. I'm a little outa practice 'n all."He got up and crossed the room. Just the sight of his pussy photo russian lolita
body, a body as fine
as any Greek statue, sans fig leaf, that you'd see in the museum, made
Nat's prick rise up and it pulsated with want.Beau sat on the edge of Nat's bed and surveyed the field of his coming
task. "It sure is a nice one. So long and smooth. You ain't got that
cover that we farm boy's have, but it's nice and it looks friendly lak. I
think I better make friends with it."He put his big farm hand with slight calluses around Nat's shaft. "Oh
shit, that feels so good. If I died right now, life would have been
worthwhile."Beau put his other hand over Nat's mouth. "Now city boy, you ought'nt to
say those kinda words. Jus' lay back and enjoy my work."Nat sighted. He would have been glad to hang from the light fixture to
feel that warm hand again. There it was, insinuated and unexpectedly
aggressive in sliding over his stiff prick. He let out a kind of gurgle of
pleasure. Beau laughed in happiness. "That's jes' the sound that Jake
makes when he feelin' really good 'bout it."Beau's inquisitive hand slipped down and cradled Nat's balls. One finger
began a slow tinkling of the underside. Nat began to lose part of his
awareness from the intensity of his feelings. He felt that he was lifting
from the bed and circling the room in an out of body experience, except it
with a real body experience, as Beau moved back to the shaft and gently
stroked up and down, up and down in a hypnotic repetition. His light grasp
became pleasurable free lola porn tgp agony as Nat was hanging there, just on the crest of the
hill of orgasm, but couldn't roll down."Somethin' wrong, roommate? How come yur not givin' out the milk. You
seem ready."Nat gasped. I guess I can't come this way when someone else shags me.
Would you consider using your mouth, that always works?"Beau sat back, taking his hands off Nat's cock, bring a look almost of a
cry face to Nat. "Oh, don't stop. It's okay. Forget what I said."But Beau wasn't angry. He was thinking the thing over. Finally he said,
"Tell you what, friend. Jake never asks me to do that, but I seen him
getting' it from Clem, his friend, onst. I'm not sure how to do it, but
I'm willin'. Can you show me?""Show you?" Now Nat had never, never given head of anyone, except a girl.
He always retained the fiction that he was straight because he fucked girls
and only received blowjobs from guys and underage preteen lolita rape never did anything in
return...nothing. But the possibility of getting those puffy pink lips
around his cock was an impetus to his next move."Beau, there's nothing to it. You can do it. I'll show you for a moment,
then you copy what I did."Beau nodded with the seriousness of a student being shown how to operate a
plow. He got into the bed alongside of Nat, his meaty pink cock stiff and
pulsing, and the moist head exposed out of its cover young models bbs lolita and producing a male
odor that would shortly reach the unsuspecting Nat's nose."See, like this," Nat said and opened his curvy lips and put the head
inside. A tiny taste of the honey reached his taste buds and then his
brain. He pulled away quickly, knowing he was on dangerous ground. But in
front of his the prick was still waiting."Is that all?" asked Beau, his voice noticeably getting husky and
breathless."No, you gotta lolitas preteen bbs tpg take it in deeper and kind of lick and suckle it.""Kin you show me?"Nat was conflicted. He was terrified that he would be cock sucking a guy,
yet the prick in front of him looked as good as anything he had ever put in
his mouth. He let out a long sigh of resignation and put his mouth over
the head again. He heard Beau say, "Oh my, I never felt anythin' so good.
I wish you'd never stop."That encouragement propelled Nat to do the best he could, and get to rub
his tongue on the head of Beau's bucolic cock. The taste was terrific, the
feel of the warm smooth skin was intoxicating. He allowed the prick to
enter deeper in his salivating mouth. He heard Beau almost crooning. "Oh,
oh, I'm goin' crazy over this feelin'."Then Nat, tossing all new lolitas pussy nymphets
restrain to the winds, accepting that he had become a
cocksucker for this dumb hick. He gloried in his humiliation; it added to
his excitement. He felt Beau's hand, as it began to stroke his hair. He
felt like a grateful puppy. Then as Beau's orgasm was not to far away, he
began scratching on the hair then wrapping his hands around Nat's neck
possessively. Nat was deep in a new pleasure; the pleasure of bringing
another to completion. He had one object, to get Beau to spew and for him
the taste that offering.Suddenly Beau stiffened. He put his hand under Nat's chin and pulled him
off his cock. Nat looked at him, disappointed. "What's wrong?"Beau husked, "Oh friend, I fear I'm gonma spill out my milks 'n I don't
wanna put it boy top lolitas 100
in yur mouth.""Oh not, please. Shoot in my mouth. I want your milks. I need it.
Please."Beau patted his head. "Well if'n you really want it. I'm already
brimming. Drink what ever you want."Nat dove down, happy to have that cock in his mouth again. He sucked
furiously, trying, like a thirsty man, to draw sustenance from that thick
hot cock. Then Beau began a steady moan. His body was jumping up and
down. He managed to call out, "Nat, friend, I caint hold back anymore.
Here comes my milk."Beau's whole body locked tight. He stopped breathing, then his thighs
began to twitch and then begin a fucking motion as his piss slit opened up
and he delivered the sweet milk into Nat's sucking mouth.During the long orgasm, Nat's penis began to get stiffer and lengthen, then
a the moment the first sweet spooge shot out of the farm boy's piss slit,
Nat's cock began shooting a quart bottle of cum free lola porn tgp
on the bed.The next thing he felt was Beau's hot lips pressing against his. Nat's
eyes opened in surprise, but he luxuriated in that kiss. When Beau drew
away, he saw the questioning look on Nat's face. "Ah always kiss Jake when
he gives milk, 'n I see you gave plenty." He pointed at the wet sheets.Beau smiled at him. "Nat, friend, sex friend, ah kin hardly keep my eyes
open. That's the way it 'fects me. Let me say goodnight."He staggered over to his bed and was asleep in a moment. Nat lay on his
back, his eyes opened. He couldn't fall asleep immediately. He had to
digest what had happened. There was no denying that he loved every minute,
of serving this hunky farm boy. He loved the taste of his cock and his
"milk." He knew that he had turned to page on his sexual exploits and the
future might bring more surprises.End Part One.Well here you got a wise New York boy turned out by an innocent rube whose
sweetness overcame Nat's reluctance. Chapter two answers the question of
"what the future might bring?

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